Sunday, October 17, 2010

School Board Election

On October 4, 2010, MCC held a "Meet the Candidate" Night where candidates were invited to speak publicly and then privately with our community and the greater public.  Candidates were also invited to fill out a questionnaire that was created by our community.  Invitations were sent on September 20, reminders on September 25, an outline of the evening and the questionnaire was sent on September 28.  All efforts were made to include all candidates.  Mr. Wayne Morris had a prior engagement and was unable to attend, but sent a filled out questionnaire along with his regrets.  Mr. Barry Walston did not respond, but contacted me on Wednesday, October 13 to say he had been out of the country.  Ms. Alexandra Streznewski, Ms. Felicia Green, and Ms. Edith Leet were all able to attend.  A note, Mr. James Lembo, who has dropped out of the race sent a message to be read.  Although he decided not to run some time ago, his name is still on the ballot.  His basic message was "Don't vote for me."  We thank Mr. Lembo for his candor and if he decides to run for school board in the future, we look forward to hearing his message then.

A huge thank you to the candidates that were able to attend and who filled out questionnaires.  The questionnaires will be posted as a different blog posts, please look at all of them!

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